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Beg for Release, Bitch! I'm a very horny girl who has been playing by myself since I was VERY young! My parents were always freaking out cuz where ever I went... I was being naughty. In public, at friends' houses, at school, when company came over. It didn't matter who was watching! Laying in front of the T.V. I always laid on my tummy and had my hands underneath me in my panties, I would kick and squirm, and when I turned around to see what Daddy was doing he would jump, like I surprised him, now I know what he was doing while he watched me, I'm sure those white cotton panties were stretched out from my hands in my pants and he could see right up the leg, LOL. I am such a little bad tease!

You need a wicked little girl next door to play with you like I got to play with my dads and uncles! I am a wild little wicked sassy slut who's been making grown-ups happy with my naughty ways since I was a little girl, LOL. I'm barely legal and ready to play. Gawd, I'm only 18!!! Nasty fun is my pleasure, all of your wildest dreams come true right here. I am into any kind of fetish fun or role-play. I like it REALLY nasty, when you hear my sweet lil cutesie voice your going to want to ride me all night!!!

You are my Whore! I adore family fun, especially since I use to inappropriately play with them all the time, *naughty grin*. I have lots of real experiences with my family and siblings. EVERYONE played with me, you know how spoiled the youngest is!!! I am used to getting what I want! I know how to tease and flirt till I get it too. I can't even write about all the things that went on, but we could talk about it?!Grins

I was always the number one Girl Scout cookie "pusher" LOL, because I would always show the men my neighborhood "good customer service skills" (which is how I got the name, neighborhood cocksucker LOL *giggles*) Those Mommy's in my neighborhood would never let me spend the night over at my friends house because they would be afraid.... They knew I was cuter and tighter than them and I would satisfy their husbands better then they could, LOL. I have had some fun rides home with those poor neglected Daddy's. IT was a ride they will think about on their death bed! LOL!

So since I am a natural masturbater and a horny hot coed, hot nasty phone sex is my pleasure. I love sharing all of my experiences with guys and listening to all of your deepest darkest secrets. Lets share our experiences together.
Your wicked little girl next door! : )

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